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Unapologetically Me Coaching & Courses

What does it mean to be Unapologetically You?

Being unapologetic is about validating yourself and being so accepting of yourself that you no longer need to seek any outside validation or approval to feel good enough or worthy. It's our innate human desire to want to be accepted, understood, seen, heard and to feel like we belong.

“Unapologetically You” means being yourself without feeling guilty or ashamed of who you are or what you believe in. It means embracing your unique qualities and characteristics and not apologizing for them. It’s about being true to yourself and not trying to fit into someone else’s mold or expectations.

Being unapologetically yourself means living in complete authenticity without pandering to other people’s expectations of you. It’s about being who you want to be, living the life that you want, and not apologizing for it. ​

Being 'unapologetically you' means:


  • Being confident in your own skin

  • Speaking your mind

  • Pursuing your passions

  • Setting boundaries

  • Saying “no” when you need to

  • Embracing your unique qualities and characteristics

  • Refusing to fit into someone else's mold or expectations of you 

Being Unapologetically you can mean different things to different people, but overall: 

  • it means to fiercely choose yourself–the good, bad, and the ugly–over the person you think you “should” be.

  • It means choosing your unique expression of life and making decisions that are based on that truth.

  • It means choosing you even when you’re scared to speak what’s true for you. 

  • It means choosing you when you’re feeling difficult emotions – choosing to feel them fully and honor them as an expression of who you are.

  • It’s choosing what’s true for you when you decide what to wear each morning, even if what feels good to you isn’t the latest fashion; or deciding to go to the grocery store without makeup because you simply don’t feel like it.

  • Being unapologetically yourself means choosing yourself by changing course in your life when something calls to you and you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do, even if it goes against all logic.

  • It means choosing you, even when fear is inviting you to stay with what’s familiar–the relationship that’s making you miserable, the toxic boss, a job you hate.

  • Being unapologetic in claiming your true self means choosing YOU by taking courageous steps toward creating the life YOU want–not the life someone else told you you should have.

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