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The aim of this eBook is to empower you and to help you to create your own happiness. It is filled with strategies, techniques, tips and tricks to help you develop your own toolkit to propel you to live a fulfilled and happy life. We live once so we should be honest with ourselves- we should live a life that we were truly born to live. And only YOU can make this happen.

The only person who can empower you and make you happy is YOU. And to accept this in itself is a journey. As a society, we are so accustomed to blaming others for the things that happen in our lives and so used to needing someone else to blame for our unhappiness that many of us fail to consider that we ourselves, have a major part to play and that we are ultimately responsible for our own lives. Happiness needs to come from within. It starts with YOU.

You have to be ready for what you find inside. Ready to accept things about yourself so that you can make the necessary changes to become the person you want to be. You need to go through this process for YOU; to achieve the contentment and fulfilment that you need to live your life so that it is purposeful. It's not for others. People will still see the world as they see it. They don't need to realise the change in you. As long as you know it's there, that's all that counts.

Find a way of living your truth. Live a life that is YOURS.

This eBook is about finding your own road to happiness. It is a guide packed with helpful suggestions to take back ownership of your happiness and guide you to a meaningful life, which will in turn enable you to fulfil your life's purpose. But the journey is yours. You have to be willing to take it and do what you need to do to achieve your desired outcomes.

We need to REFUSE to give our power away to others. We need to drive our OWN bus and no one should have the right to take that from us. Some of us have lived at the mercy of others for too long now. It's time to .....


Empower Yourself: Create Your OWN Happiness

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