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The Impact of Narcissistic Abuse

Having spoken to a number of people recently, it feels like not enough is known about narcissism and the impact that narcissistic abuse can have on one's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Even those who have experienced this form of abuse struggle to express the deep trauma that it causes to them- it's a type of abuse that is difficult to articulate, particularly due to its nature and complexity.

More often than not, people can find themselves in a narcissistic relationship for some time before they realize that they're in one. They know that something doesn't feel right but are unable to pinpoint exactly what it is that feels so wrong with the dynamic.

A narcissist doesn’t have to beat or publicly humiliate you or do something big to break and traumatize you. Subtle everyday putdowns, covert jabs and neglect are more than enough to deeply injure you without ever touching you. The trauma is in the detail, not just in major events. You can't see the trauma so clearly because you're still in the fog of gaslighting and trauma bonding. They made you believe it was your fault and the trauma bonding made you justify their actions.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing different materials around the topic of Narcissism to help people to identify the signs early on in a relationship, to recognize it in an existing relationship and to realize a past narcissistic relationship.

We will hold question & answer sessions and explore strategies that we can use to heal, build and empower ourselves after experiencing this type of trauma.

We are here to empower and inspire ourselves & each other. We will become stronger together.

Stay Blessed. Much love x

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