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Become Unapologetically YOU!

Our Mission


Our mission here at 'Empower Yourself' is to help individuals overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs, to find strategies to use and control stress & anxiety (so that it doesn't control you), we help people to lose weight, quit smoking and to increase their resilience to the things that happen in life, so that they are able to effortlessly lead an emotionally, mentally & physically fulfilled and purposeful life. 
We are here to support and guide you to live YOUR dream life. The first step of this journey is to motivate you to find the real YOU under those layers of societal, familial and cultural conditioning.
It's time to EMPOWER YOURSELF and to live your full potential!

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Our Values

We have a number of core values here at Empower Yourself Coaching and honesty, trust and integrity are deemed some of the highest. We respect that everyone is an individual and should be treated as such.


Only you get to decide who YOU are. 

What we do

Illuminate. change. excel


It's imperative for us to know how to empower ourselves because, as you no doubt know through your life experiences so far, we could be waiting a long time before we find someone or something outside of us that does it for us! That partner, relationship, friendship, career or those material things that we are waiting for to empower us may never come. Most of us spend our whole lives waiting for something... waiting for things to come to us, wanting the change but not willing to BE the change.

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It's when we realise that we need to CREATE the change that we can truly evolve into who we truly want to be and live the life we are born to live. To achieve this, you need to Empower Yourself! Strip away the societal, familial and cultural conditioning. Peel away the self doubt, those limiting beliefs and deep rooted negative emotions to reveal the TRUE and REAL you.

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You have to own your power.... you and only YOU are responsible for your life and happiness. And if you've let someone or something take that from you, as many of us do in our lives, you need to get it back... and that's what we help you to do! Whether it’s through our incredibly insightful courses or workshops or through our life-changing training courses, we guide you back on to your journey of empowering yourself to live the life you desire!

We use a number of interventions to create change which are tailored to suit individual needs. We respect that everyone is unique and has their own perception and style of learning. To help bring about change in our clients we use a range of interventions including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and counselling.

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What is NLP?

NLP created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming.


this element refers to the nervous system (the mind), through which our experience is processed by our five senses:

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory


Language and other non-verbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning. These include:

Pictures- Sound- Feelings- Tastes- Smells- Words (Self Talk)


The ability to discover and utilise the programs that we run in our neurological system, when communicating with ourselves and others, to achieve our specific and desired outcome.

What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy®, created by Tad James, helps us to eliminate negative emotions that we have carried (often unknowingly) throughout our lives in order to regain control and reevaluate the previous decisions that we have made to change and advance to the people that we truly want to be. Releasing negative emotion and eliminating limiting beliefs frees us up to create the future that we desire–and deserve. That is why Time Line Therapy® is also known as Creating Your Future®.

*Time Line Therapy® and Creating Your Future® are registered trademarks of Dr Tad James and The Tad James Company, registered in Europe and throughout the World.


What is Hypnosis?

In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention narrowed down, and focused on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist. These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves. In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything.  It is generally accepted that all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis.  A hypnotist merely helps to facilitate your experience - hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things, in fact it is the opposite, it is about empowerment. 

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It's most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems. CBT is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle. This type of therapy aims to help you deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts. You're shown how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel.

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